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Sobering Thought

An Online Community for Substance Addicts

Site Rules & Regulations

Submitted by Darrel on Thu, 11/10/2005 - 05:42.

In order to make our site a cozy, comfortable place for everyone, we've set these rules and regulations to keep the peace. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send an email to the Site Admin.

1. Sobering Thought is a privately owned web site. We reserve the right to remove, restrict, or censor any user without prior notice. Chances are there will be some dialog prior to that happening, though.

2. Please refrain from excessive profanity, offensive statements or explicit terminology. While we do encourage users to write in their own voice, we and everyone else would much prefer if that voice wasn't a crass one. Don't worry, you can say "fuck" a few times, but remember, this is a community.

3. Do not provide access to or initiate requests for illegal products, information, or substances. Do not use this site to meet others in the pursuit of illegal products or substances. In short, don't break any laws here!

4. Do not use this site as a place to "hook-up" or otherwise seek out sexual encounters. It's not what we're here for.

5. Don't attack, insult, flame, or intentionally offend anyone. Again, we're a community. I'm sure there will be disagreements or heated topics discussed, but let's keep those framed in the form of discussion rather than spite.

6. Please do not advertise any products or goods without prior authorization from the site admin. If you want to suggest a rehab center or herbal remedy that helps you, that's fine, as long as you're not an employee or salesperson. Testimonials are good, advertisements are bad. You can email the Site Admin for clarification or requests for approval.

7. Don't post personal information about anyone, including correspondences, transcripts of phone calls, pictures, etc. Let that which is private remain private.

8. Be nice, enjoy your time here, and participate in the spirit of community and mutual respect.

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